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What is kriya?

Kriya focuses on connecting through touch with the flow of universal energy. It awakens sensitivity to touch and connects with intuition as the initial step to massage. Once the connection is established with the body, the practitioner begins the dance of never-ending strokes.

Kriya uses energy patterns that are spirals, figure eights and circles. The affect is a continuous motion with no beginning and no end.

Kriya massage emphasizes the practitioner's intuitive abilities while performing the art of touch. Integrating flowing, connected techniques with personal rhythm allows a client to experience many levels of consciousness. Energy patterns integrated with massage creates an atmosphere that is peaceful and stress-free. Kriya is spontaneous energy movement and the practitioner flows with this movement. Kriya massage combines energy with classical massage techniques to form a continuous dance. The Universal Four Forces (Centripetal, Centrifugal, Gravity and Electromagnetic) are incorporated into the massage to create an individually designed treatment. The experience of Kriya Massage is often described as "stepping out of time and space" in order to take inventory of one's life. The subconscious is allowed to readjust pre-programmed attitudes. Kriya massage's healing quality takes place when these attitudes are transformed into healthy beliefs.


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